Templewood Community Area


Hughenden Parish Council is keen to enourage and enable residents to meet in a local and easily accessible community space.  The need to revitalise the Templewood Playground area created an opportunity to explore ways to make better use of the site.  The Templewood Tigers (a group of local residents) emphasised the desire the create a comunity space for all ages that would blend well with the existing semi-rural locationo f the village.  Listening to residents, it became clear that by making better use of the land around the playground would create a community space for everyone to enjoy.  


We would like to gain the views of all local residents and as such have created a survey (link below) for you to complete.  The Parish Council Playground Working Group will be making its recommendations in August to the Services Committee.  The survey is open until Friday 19th July 2019.  


As well as the survey, the Parish Council will be speaking with neighbours directly surrounding the site so that their opinions can also be considered. 


Your opinions matter and all responses will be confidential.  


To access the survey, please paste the following link into your browser.




Option 1 - Creative Play Design & Site Plan
Creative Play - Visual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [8.1 MB]
Option 2 - Proludic Design
Proludic - Visual.jpg
JPG image [3.5 MB]
Option 2 - Proludic Site Plan
Proludic - Site Plan.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [689.8 KB]
Option 3 - Sutcliffes Visual Design
Sutcliffes - Visual Plan.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Option 3 - Sutcliffes Site Plan
Sutcliffes - Site Plan.pdf
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125th Anniversary of Hughenden Parish Council

Hughenden Parish Council celebrates its 125th Anniversary this year in 2019.  Formed on the 4th of December 1894, the first meeting of the Parish Council was held on 31st December 1894. 

To mark this milestone, a series of events have been organised throughout the year in each of the four wards. 


Please see the links below for full details of the programme of events throughout the year. 

125 Years of the Parish & Council
125 Years Brochure Hughenden Parish Coun[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [474.6 KB]

Weekend of Walks

On Saturday 25th May and Sunday 26th May you can enjoy guided walks in Hughenden and Naphill.  See the link below for full information. 

Devolved Services

As of 1st April 2016, Hughenden Parish Council will be responsible for the delivery of devolved urban transport services.  Prior to this date, these services were provided by Buckinghamshire County Council. 


The services include:

  • Urban grass cutting (grass verges within 30mph areas)
  • Hedging
  • Siding out (preventing the encroachment of verge soil and growth onto the footpath)
  • Rights of Way clearance
  • Weed killing
  • Maintenace (street furniture, removal of fly posters and illegal signs, approval of charity event advertising signage)

If you have concerns about any of the above services or wish to report an issue, please contact Hughenden Parish Council Office Telephone: 01494 715296

Email clerk@hughendenpc.org.uk


New Parish Councillors Urgently Required

Hughenden Parish Council are urgently seeking applicants to serve as councillors.


Any person over 18 years of age who is a citizen of the UK, the EU or the Commonwealth can be a councillor if they are an elector in, work in or live within three miles of the area of the local council, unless they are disqualified.


A councillor is the holder of a public office, not a volunteer.  A councillor has no authority to make decisions about council business on his own.  The main job of a councillor is to participate in the collective decision-making process of his council.  The normal term of of office for a councillor is 4 years.


Widmer End ward is currently without any councillor representation.  There should be four councillors in Widmer End so if you are interested in becoming a councillor, representing your community and making a difference, please contact the Clerk to the Council on 01494 715296 or email clerk@hughendenpc.org.uk.



Allotment Vacancies in Parish

Allotment Vacancies
We currently have vacancies at most of our allotment sites, please see attached poster for further details.
Allotment Plots 2016 Advert.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [207.2 KB]

Hughenden Parish Council Announces Precept for 2016/17

Each year Hughenden Parish Council (HPC) has to set a precept to cover its operating costs in providing services for the local community. This precept is paid by Wycombe District Council and included in your Council Tax. The amount per household for 2016/17 has now been set. Read more >>>

HPC Precept Article for Web Local Magaz[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [184.7 KB]

13th Jan 2016 Joint statement issued on the future of Allotments in Hughenden Parish.

Hughenden Parish Council and the trustees of the Hughenden Community Support Trust formerly known as the Allotments for the Labouring Poor have issued a statement on  the future of Allotments in Hughenden Parish. See Transfer of Parish Land for more details.

Winner and Runner Up of designs by Hughenden Primary School for renewal of Jubilee plaques around the Parish

Winners from Hughenden Primary School
Winners announced:
Salwa Sharifi - Year 5 - Flag design
Ella Millward - Year 5 - Aeroplane design
Niamh Clarke - Year 5 - Crown Design
Hannah Wood - Year 6 - Diamond Design
Jubilee Plaque Entry Winners.JPG
JPG File [22.0 KB]
Runners Up from Hughenden Primary School
Runner Up awarded to:
Michael Strange - Year 5 - Aeroplane design (silver planes)
Poppy Hilling - Year 6 - Queens Face design
Faryal Naveed - Year 6 - Diamond, Crown and Flag design
Selin Lester - Year 5 - Queens face design with flag in background
Rosie (no surname on design) - Year 6 - Crown on cushion design
Jubilee Plaque Entry Runners Up.JPG
JPG File [108.3 KB]

Allotment Competition 2015 - Results

Allotment Competition 2015 - Results
Allotment Competition Results Notice 201[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [88.1 KB]
Personal Perspectives
of Roger Beavil which may be of interest to anyone considering becoming a Parish Councillor
Useful Information for Prospective Counc[...]
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Transport for Bucks - Reporting Issues Online


Report a Pothole Online: 5 Quck Steps

1. Log onto www.buckscc.gov.uk

2. Report location

3. Report size

4. Upload an optional photo

5. Submit

Download the free Report It app from your App Store or go to www.buckscc.gov.uk/telltfb 


Report a Right Of Way Issue Online 



Report a Highway Problem Online



Report a Street Light Problem Online


TfB Grass Cutting Bulletin - July 2015
TfB Grass Cutting Bulletin July 2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [220.4 KB]
Fraud Report
A copy of the Fraud Report issued at the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 15th May 2014 is available for download here
Fraud report 14-05-15.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [302.1 KB]
Information on the role of the Parish Councillor (National Association of Local Councils)
Become a councillor.pdf
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Congratulations to the Grange Area Trust - Widmer Fields protected for generations to come!

The Grange Area Trust (GAT) has now purchased almost 40 acres of Widmer Fields. GAT, a registered charity, will maintain Widmer Fields as a conservation and green area for the general public to enjoy for years to come.


This achievement represents the culmination of more than 40 years of sustained community effort to protect this rural asset. Provisional plans are now under consideration to improve the accessibility by clearing overgrown footpaths and repairing well-used access points which have become very muddy and difficult to use. The grassy areas will be managed as wildflower meadows, retaining the specimen trees, the small copse, and linear woodland runs. The ever increasing scrub areas of bramble, nettle and blackthorn will be cut back to reduce further encroachment and then managed as an ecology and wildlife habitat. The Trust recognises its very special responsibilities in the mature woodland areas, especially with respect to public safety.


Donations are needed to carry out this work and GAT will be launching a fund raising campaign immediately. Anyone interested in donating or becoming involved in the plans to conserve Widmer Fields as a 'green lung' should initially contact one of the joint chairmen:

Hugh McCarty - 01494 712004 hughmccarthy@btinternet.com
Trevor Dean - 01494 716667 trevorwrdean@btinternet.com.