Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings.

Meetings shall be open to the public unless their presence is prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons.The public's exclusion from part or all of a meeting shall be by a resolution which shall give reasons for the public's exclusion.  Members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting which they are entitled to attend in respect of the business on the agenda.  The period of time designated for public particiaption at a meting shall not exceed 15 minutes unless directed by the Chairman.  A member of the public shall not speak for more than 2 minutes.


A minimum of three clear days public notice for a meeting must be given by publication of the agenda.  Additional documentation associated with the agenda is available from Hughenden Parish Council Office.



Please follow the links below for minutes of Council meetings.

The dates of meetings are set out below - alternatively go to the bottom of the page to download them as a PDF document.

Meeting Calendar 2018



4th Planning Committee

16th Full Council

17th Allotment Committee

25th Planning Committee

31st Finance & Policy



13th Full Council

15th Planning Committee

27th Services Committee




8th Planning Committee

13th Full Council

21st Finance & Policy

29th Planning


10th Full Council

19th Planning

25th Annual Parish Meeting



8th Full Council

10th Planning Committee

15th Services

31st Planning Committee


12th Full Council

21st Planning Committee

27th Finance & Policy



10th Full Council

12th Planning Committee



2nd Planning Committee

14th Services Committee

23rd Planning Committee



11th Full Council

13th Planning Committee

26th Finance & Policy


4th Planning Committee

9th Full Council

25th Planning Committee

30th Services Committee



13th Full Council

15th Planning Committee

27th Finance & Policy


6th Planning Committee

11th Full Council