Meet the councillors

A councillor's normal term of office is four years. The next election will be held in May 2020.  Any person aged over 18 years who is a citizen of the UK, the EU or the Commonwealth can be a councillor if they are an elector in, work in, live in or live within three miles of the area of the local council, unless they are disqualified. 


A councillor is the holder of public office, not a volunteer.


A councillor's main responsibilities are to:

  • raise matters that the council can consider and formally decide to take action about at meetings
  • attend council meetings
  • make informed contributions which influence the debate on the business that needs to be decided at those meetings
  • participate in the council's decision making process, which in itself is subject to strict rules
  • represent his council externally


To contact a Councillor:

- Send a letter to the Council Office

- Email the Councillor direct (see email addresses below)

- Email the Parish Clerk

- Telephone the Councillor direct (see telephone numbers below)



Great Kingshill Ward (1 vacancy)
Cllr. Rick Gould

01494 714566   


Cllr. Paul Nicholls

01494 717381


Hughenden Valley Ward  (2 vacancies)


Cllr. Peter Gieler 

01494 562473


Cllr. Simon Kearey

01494 564607


Naphill and Walter's Ash Ward  (3 vacancies)


Cllr. Chris Waterton

01494 563103


Widmer End Ward (4 vacancies)

If you wish to find out about being a councillor, please contact the Clerk on 01494 715296 or email