Hughenden Parish Council has eight allotments sites within the Parish comprising more than 250 individual plots.  Allotments are very popular and some tenants have been successfully cultivating their plots for many years. There are currently vacancies at most allotment sites. 


The 8 allotment sites are listed below:


Red Lion Allotment

Cryers Hill Allotment

Hughenden Valley Allotment

North Dean Allotment

Louches Lane Allotment

Walters Ash Allotment

Windmill Lane Allotment

Primrose Hill Allotment


Allotment News

Annual Allotment Competition 

Annual Allotment Competition 2019

Allotment Competition 2019 Results
Allotment Competition Results Notice 201[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [61.5 KB]

Annual Allotment Competition 2018

Allotment Competition 2018 Results
Allotment Competition Results Notice 201[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [61.8 KB]

Annual Allotment Competition 2017

Allotment Competition 2017 Results
Allotment Competition Notice 2017.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [229.1 KB]

Annual Allotment Competition 2016

Allotment Competition 2016 Results
Allotment Competition Notice 2016.pdf
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Annual Allotment Competition 2015

Allotment Competition 2015 Results
Allotment Competition Results Notice 201[...]
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Best Parish Allotment - Plots 4 & 13 Primrose Hill, Mrs Cook
Most Creative Allotment - Plot 11b Windmill Lane, Mrs Franklin
Best Scarecrow - Plot 7A Cryers Hill, Thomas Vranch

Allotment Schematic Plans

Cryers Hill Allotment Schematic Plan
Adobe Acrobat document [68.7 KB]
Hughenden Valley Allotment Schematic Plan
Adobe Acrobat document [125.0 KB]
Louches Lane Allotment Schematic Plan
Adobe Acrobat document [108.8 KB]
North Dean Allotment Schematic Plan
Adobe Acrobat document [57.1 KB]
Primrose Hill Allotment Schematic Plan
Adobe Acrobat document [114.1 KB]
Red Lion Allotment Schematic Plan
Adobe Acrobat document [118.3 KB]
Walter's Ash Allotment Schematic Plan
Adobe Acrobat document [52.1 KB]
Windmill Lane Allotment Schematic Plan
Adobe Acrobat document [141.0 KB]

The map below shows the locations of all 8 allotment sites within Hughenden Parish.

Allotment Agreement 2016
Allotment Agreement 2016 - Resolved Vers[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [443.9 KB]

Applying for an allotment

Should you wish to apply for an allotment, please use our contact form giving details of your address and the allotment site you are interested in. Due to the popularity of our allotments, you may find that we have a waiting list on some sites. We will gladly take your details and let you know as soon as a plot becomes available.  Residents of Hughenden Parish will be given priority on the waiting list.


Allotment Agreement

All allotment tenants are sent two copies of an Allotment Agreement which details the terms and conditions of tenancy. This document must be signed and one copy returned to the Council Office together with the rental fee.  By signing the Allotment Agreement you confirm that you have read and agree to Hughenden Parish Council's Allotment Regulations.


Reducing the size of your plot

Typically our plots are divided into full and half sized plots and vary in size from one allotment site to another. Should you decide that a full plot is too much, you may be able to move to a half plot or have your full plot sub-divided.


How much does it cost?

Annual rent varies depending on plot size.  Typically, annual rent is £23.00 for a half size plot and £35.00 for a full size plot. Tennancy is renewed on 30th September each year.  Letters are sent to all tennents in early September and rent must be paid by 30th September for tennency to continue.


Giving up your plot

You may end your tennancy at any time, there will be no reimbursement of allotment fees. Make sure you harvest any produce and remove all tools. It is not permitted to transfer tenancy.


Annual Allotment Competition

The Council runs an annual Allotment Competition for the accolade of 'Best Allotment' within the Parish. We also award The Bill Dean Cup which is awarded annually to the Best Allotment Newcomer. This was kindly donated by Ex-Councillor Dean in memory of his father, who was a very keen allotment tennant.


Sheds and Greenhouses

Sheds and greenhouses are permitted on allotments but only with the prior written consent of Hughenden Parish Council.  Please contact the parish council office if you wish to erect any structure on your allotments.


Shed & Greenhouse Application Form
Allotment Temporary Structure Applicatio[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [333.4 KB]

'GROW' - News and Information for Allotment Tenants


Click on the link above to go to 'GROW' - a dedicated page of news and information for Allotment Tenants.