Hughenden Parish Council Elections 6 May 2021

Election Information

Hughenden Parish Council Elections 6 May 2021

(combined with Buckinghamshire Council & Police and Crime Commissioner elections).



Hughenden Parish Council

  • consists of 15 elected members representing 4 wards within Hughenden Parish
  • Hughenden Valley Ward (including Bryants Bottom & lower North Dean) x 4 councillors
  • Naphill & Walters Ash Ward x 4 councillors
  • Widmer End Ward x 4 councillors
  • Great Kingshill Ward (including Cryers Hill & Four Ashes) x 3 councillors
  • There are approximately 3,500 households and 9,000 people in Hughenden Parish
  •  The term of office of current councillors ends before the election
  • The last uncontested election was held in 2015, the last contested election was held in 2011


What do councillors do?

Councillors invest time in local projects and issues to the benefit of residents and the neighbourhood.  They represent the local community and collaborate with county councillors.  They deliver services to meet local needs, improve quality of life and work to enhance the environment and increase biodiversity.  Council work including attending meetings, engaging with residents, local groups and representing the council on local bodies and organisations.  A NALC survey found that councillors spend on average three hours per week on council work.

What do councils do? 

Councils lead on community services such as allotments; leisure facilities; bus shelters; litter bins; car parks; local illuminations; community centres; local youth projects; community safety schemes; parks and open spaces; community transport schemes; planning; public lavatories; crime reduction measures; street cleaning; street lighting; cycle paths; tourism activities; festivals and celebrations; traffic calming measures; and much more.


Who can stand for election?

You need to

  • be a British citizen, or citizen of the Commonwealth or the European Union
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • live in an area that is served by the council


How do I stand for election?

Full information about election and nomination papers at

Information about becoming a local councillor at

Information about Hughenden Parish Council at

Contact Hughenden Parish Council at




Hughenden Parish Council

Council Offices

The Common

Great Kingshill

HP15 6EN

01494 715296


Hughenden Parish is situated in the heart of the Chilterns.  The parish contains eight villages and hamlets - Naphill, Walter's Ash, North Dean, Bryants Bottom, Hughenden Valley, Cryers Hill, Great Kingshill and Widmer End. In some cases, villages and hamlets are served by more than one Parish Council.


The Parish Council consists of 15 Councillors, who serve approximately 3,500 households, a population of approximately 9,000 people.




The Council owns and maintains a number of facilities that make the Parish an attractive place to live and visit. Information on our facilities, including the Garden of Rest on Four Ashes Road and our eight allotment sites can be found on this website.

Local Elections May 6, 2021

Local Government Elections are confirmed for 6 May 2021.  Hughenden Parish Council are included in this election.


Full details on the nomination procedure, and procedures for the poll have not yet been released.  These will be published as soon as they are available.


The Electoral Commissions summary of key dates for the scheduled May 6, 2021 local elections is as follows a full timetable may be viewed at

Election-timetable-LGE election 6 May 2021 - Electoral ...

Key dates are:

  • the latest date by which the election is formally announced and purdah starts is March 29, 2021,
  • the deadline for nomination papers to be lodged April 8, 2021,
  • publication of list of nominations April 9, 2021,
  • Polling Day May 6, 2021 and
  • dates of returns for declarations of election expenses which varies according to the day on which the election results are announced but always 35 days after that date.

For further information please contact the Clerk by writing to

MJ Woof

Clerk to Hughenden Parish Council

10 February 2021


New Website Coming!

You may notice some unexpected changes to this website as we prepare to move across to a new website.  If you need any assistance please contact us by writing the the



The Parish Council office is closed until further notice due to the Covid pandemic. 


Officers are working remotely and may be contacted as follows:




Telephone: 01494 715296 and leave a message, we will call back.

Urban Devolved Services

Devolution of Services to Local Government - Information
Devolution to Local Government .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [381.2 KB]

Devolved Services 

On 1st April 2016 Hughenden Parish Council and Buckinghamshire County Council entered into an ‘Urban Devolved Services Agreement’.  The parish council receives funding of just over £11,000 per annum (2016 - 2022) to carry out this service. 


The parish council contribute to this funding from the Parish Precept to increase the annual devolved services budget to £18,000.  This sum covers:

  • grass verge cutting (usually 6 cuts per year/weather dependant) within 30 mph areas and some 40 mph areas (e.g.’ wide grass verge at Warrendene Road)
  • siding out of footpaths
  • weed control and spraying
  • cutting back of Council managed hedges overhanging footpaths and serving formal notice letters to private landowners
  • cutting back vegetation around street signs and furniture
  • washing street signs and furniture
  • maintenance of street signs and furniture (e.g. village entry gates)
  • granting permission for charity event signage
  • removal of unauthorised charity event signage and fly posters
  • clearance of Rights of Way surfaces

Please note that the section of Valley Road from the bottom of Cryers Hill to High Wycombe (40 & 50 mph zone) remains the responsibility of Buckinghamshire County Council as does the section of Coombe Lane (40 mph zone) between Hughenden Valley and Naphill.